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Firstly, let's get this straight we know it’s not Christmas yet...  but down at our newly purchased site, it definitely feels like it! Like children putting together a brand-new Lego set on Christmas morning, we are in the midst of filling our new 400m2 production space with all things shiny (several tons of shiny in fact!) in preparation to start making even more awesome beer.    

That's right folks we’re moving, scaling up production, growing the business and guess what? Our new brewery is just meters from the existing brewery. We’re keeping it local, the entire business will remain in Tenby because everyone knows that beer tastes better when it’s brewed by the beach!   

As the maiden brew day draws ever nearer we thought we had better fill you in on all the fun stuff we’ve been up to since we posted about the new brew kit way back on the 2nd of February. Not to mention all of the exciting things that we have in store for the not so distant future! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, before we get into any of that we’re going to get all nostalgic (no black and white photos, promise... well maybe a couple!).   


In early 2015 slightly younger and fresh-faced versions of Rob and James had just started out on their mission to share their tasty fermented beverages with Pembrokeshire and beyond.   Within a year they were brewing at capacity and producing six different styles of beer that was stocked all over Pembrokeshire and turning up in pubs and bottle shops all over Wales. With an ever-increasing demand for the beer (different beer styles moving into double figures!) there just wasn't enough beer being made, so another fermenting vessel was installed and used to full capacity throughout  2016. Even with the new fermenting vessel there just wasn't enough of the stuff to keep the ever growing customer base stocked up!    

Something had to change, so here we are in 2017 moving site and we're nearly ready to get brewing on the new kit...  



Along with all the shiny new equipment, improvements will come across the board, including; consistency, quality, branding and customer service. We'll be able to innovate much more and play with Barrel ageing, Sour beers, Belgian styles and Lagering.... the list goes on and on! 

We're also starting to line up monthly collaboration beers for  2018 with some of our favorite UK brewers, we'll keep you updated on these on the blog and on our social media.  Our core cask and bottle range will remain the same, while we plan to launch a range of 4-5 core can/keg beers early in 2018 including our much loved 'Intergalactic' and 'Hammerhead', a  really interesting sour beer and a couple of others that we're keeping a secret!